Harry Potter Over The years


Here they are.. Harry Potter Over the Years.

we could see, Harry still cute and has same face rite! (We all knew he’s Daniel, he had played in Harry Potter Movie for ten years and he never had facial surgery, so still same -__-)

From the top till the last, from His first year as Wizard…


from all the movie, which is the movie you like most???

me as an author, really like Harry when he’s in his third and fifth year. eventhough  in fifth year, Harry’s a bit annoying. but i knew his emotion was undercontrolled by Lord Voldemort.


Sparkling Vampire n Snape pic

Charming Hagrid

Rock On!!

Justin Beiber, Harry and Ron

LOL dumbledore with Bellatrix

Breaking News: Snape Smiles

Cedric, Rita Skeeter, and Harry (Interview)


Rita Skeeter: Cedric. One day,  you’ll be a vampire named Edward Cullen, and you will sparkle. And be like, 109 or some shit. And date a girl named Bella… she’s slightly obsessed with you and wants to get into your pants.

Harry Potter: Well! It looks like you’ll have loads of fun once you depart from this world.

Cedric Diggory: W… what? No! Sparkling? What? Shaddup, Harry!